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Commercial and Fashion Filmmaker


“For me there is nothing more rewarding than having that one vision in your head and bringing it into reality. No matter the challenge, I will always find a way to bring my vision to life.”


Tim Moldenhauer is a commercial & fashion filmmaker who is based in Germany. He has directed and produced commercial and fashion films around the globe in places such as New York, Paris and Rome.
Tim has produced a wide variety of visuals, including promotional campaigns, fashion films, digital mini series, stage show productions etc.
With a true passion for his profession, Tim’s enthusiasm knows no boundaries.
With this determination, Tim has already won several awards in the film world, including:

– Winner (Best Microfilm) | Los Angeles Film Awards in 2019 & 2021
– Winner (Best Microfilm) | New York Film Awards in 2019 & 2021
– Winner (Best Microfilm) | Top Shorts (USA) in 2019 & 2021
– Winner (Best Experimental Short) | CEIFF (USA) in 2019


Fashion Filmmaker Tim Moldenhauer of TM Films in Hong Kong